Malpensa Express flies towards the C-Less

TAP & GO, the project that dematerialized Malpensa Express tickets, allows travelers to buy tickets with contactless cards directly at the turnstiles.

The realities that have believed in this project are many: from NordCom to Trenord, with the support of SIA, MasterCard, Intesa Sanpaolo and Ingenico.

«Public transport has always shown a strong interest in the dematerialization of travel titles – says Paolo D’Alessio, CTO and COO of NordCom – and the arrival 15 years ago of contactless in transport was one of the drivers of the development of c-less payments: a case study is Oyster, in London, which conveys a third of its own travel transactions with contactless credit card and in the future could abandon the famous ownership card in favor of only c-less bank cards and mobile proximity payment. Italy was following this trend carefully, but only now that contactless cards have reached a widespread diffusion we have been able to create our c-less project for the Malpensa Express “.

The project started in December 2016 and the preferential lanes, where it is possible to pay contactless at the turnstiles without having to queue at the ticket office, have facilitated travel from the railway stations of Milan to Malpensa airport and vice versa to a growing number of travelers.

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