Digital payments

CPay™ is our proprietary platform for managing electronic payments

Digital payments

CPay ™ allows the payment of electronic payments in multi-channel and multi-device mode.

It complies with the requirements defined by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) for integration with the PagoPA platform and we are certified by AgID as a PagoPA technology partner.

Payments for P.A.

We manage the PagoPA models defined by AgID with different levels of integration to meet the needs of the entire public administration, from the small municipality to the larger entities or to aggregations of organizations. We offer solutions for spontaneous or guided payment, through integration with the management software of the PA. We give the possibility to obtain a detailed and automatic reconciliation with our reporting tools.

Health payments

We enable payment of health tickets through PagoPA by reducing queues at health care desks and offering a rapid service directly to the patient's home or on the move. We complete the booking and acceptance process, thanks to the integration with the software of the Health Authorities.

Payments for utilities

We enable payment of utility bills by allowing integration with the Customer's management software (for example SAP).

Payments for universities

We make it easier for students to access payment services through a dedicated portal that: - dialogues with the University's management software - exposes debit positions - allows reconciliation of accounting items by means of detailed reporting.


Payment of university fees

Digital payment of university fees is the solution created for La Sapienza University of Rome, aimed at collecting the fees...

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