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Tap & Go: contactless payments


Trenord S.r.l.


Our role

Creation of the ticketing system for the Malpensa Express through contactless payment with bank's credit cards.

Tap & Go was born at the end of 2016, to allow the use of a contactless credit card as a mean of payment and travel document on the Malpensa Express between the stations of Milan Cadorna, Centrale and Garibaldi and the 2 terminals of the airport.

Tap & Go is a system that, with a simple touch on entry (“tap in”, in computer language) of the contactless credit card on a gate or a totem equipped with POS (Point of Sale), allows:

  • perform the verifications
  • start the authorization for the financial transaction for ticket purchase
  • access the train
  • postpone the authorization’s registering on the central system made by us

Tap & Go, if access to the network takes place from a closed station like Milano Nord Cadorna, asks for a ‘tap out’ action on exit once they reach their destination. The system, through Android native App, allows the on-board staff to check the ‘tap in’ with the bank transaction’s relative status.

Tap & Go is evolving: it is planned to create an additional module to integrate this innovative sales channel with the accounting systems existing in the company.

On the Malpensa Express site, travelers can request a payment receipt made with the Tap & Go system.


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