We always have the best solution for you.

Our experience gives shape to innovative solutions in specific fields such as public transport, digital payments and optic fiber optic connection networks.


Our competences


Business Project Management (BPM)

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for document management and content integration

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for sending messages and contents

E-commerce platform

We provide technological support to our customers in the most common business processes.

We implement cross platforms usable in Open Source mode, with the .NET suite, via web / client / server (Linux / Win) and mobile (Android, IOS). We make our own the latest best practices in software life cycle management and software integration and content delivery projects. We have a long-standing experience in managing systems with specific skills for the maintenance of SAP modules and migration to the SAP4HANA Suite.


Field networks

Fiber optic connections

Wireless networks

Active devices for security management

We are specialized in the management of Network infrastructures

We manage servers and storage with a team of expert systems engineers, to allow complete control of the hardware infrastructure.

We provide help desk services that operate independently and reduce response times and solutions to critical issues. In the most complex cases, the help desk directs the requests to the most appropriate centers of competence based on the problem reported.


Systems for the definition of schedules of the TPL

Programming systems and the coordination of the shifts of machines and staff

Constant verification of development, of personalization and application maintenance

We put our experience in the management of business processes at the service of transport companies.

We know very well the operating systems and commercial systems of issuing travel and reporting titles.

We implement digital systems of information and planning of routes and routes for users. We supervise the applications provided to our Clients and support them continuously and with the utmost attention to their information systems and their management needs.