Payment of university fees

Creation of an online payment system for university fees and preparation of a purchase channel for all University services (eg merchandising, events, museums, etc.).

Dark Fiber and connectivity up to Malpensa Terminals

We have made available to   uno dei principali operatori TLC  our dark fiber infrastructure,,  ptical fiber  off, starting from the headquarters of  Cadorna upto to Malpensa Airport . To provide a   connectivity service   within the   Terminal 2   of the airport of   Malpensa, such TLC Operator relied on the   NordCom optical fiber […]

Operation Trenord Systems Integration

Application integration between the Service Timetable design system, the GoalRail® Shift Programming software for Fleet and Personnel, the Maior® Shift Management software for Personnel and the additional operational management applications of the railway company.


NordCom manages the migration of the SAP application suite to the latest SAP 4 / HANA implementation for the FNM Group and its simultaneous commissioning on the IaaS platform provided by Google.

Trenord E-Store

Creation of an e-commerce platform aimed at enhancing alternative sales channels, first of all online.

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